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Large Bulka bag 

NOW $200 Each.

We are the first company to introduce kiln dried firewood on the Central Coast, NSW.

 Why kiln dried? Simply it burns cleaner and longer due to low moisture content. We are doing what mother nature can not. This amazing product is reaching comparable moisture content to that of our Exclusive Outback product! Feel free to give us a call to discuss our newest products and organize a time to visit us for even more great products at amazing every day prices. The picture to the left is just a small portion of our Kiln so rain, sleet, or even snow, we have dry firewood in our Kiln. 

Available in two size of bulka bags and also in smaller packaged sizes.

Large Bulka Bag 

Now $300 Each.

Outback Ironbark & Box (Exclusive to A-Grade Quality Firewood)

We coined the term "Outback Ironbark" more than 10 years ago. 

Our Outback Ironbark is as close to perfection as you can get in the firewood industry. You could try the other guys stuff or you could just start with the perfect product to begin with! 

Hard dense long clean burning, great for heating and cooking.

We source (we are the actual producer) our Ironbark and Box from remote properties in upper NSW and QLD. The properties we source from are much further inland which adds to the low moisture content. Timbers in this region grow slow and dense. When we cut with our circular saws at dusk you can see sparks come off of the wood. NOW THAT IS TOUGH FIREWOOD! 

Kiln dried Packaged Products at every day awesome retail pricing! 

Yes that's a real picture from inside our Kiln! 

Two sizes of bulka bags to suite your needs! 

Bulka bags can be made to just about any order. Want one or want a thousand we have the best price. We keep a stock indoors in our factory/kiln. No matter the weather we should have something in stock for you!